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Debunking Common Myths About Lead Paint

A door with lead paint peeling off of it

If you want to create a safe work environment in an older commercial building, understanding the risks associated with lead paint is crucial. Despite lead-based paint use was banned in residential homes in the United States in 1978, lead-based paint continues to be a significant health hazard in many older buildings. Unfortunately, there are still… Read more »

Health Issues Associated with Lead Paint

Paint peeling off of a wall

You likely know by now that lead paint has certain negative connotations. But do you know exactly the danger this decades-old paint still poses today? The health issues associated with lead paint are quite serious and are reason enough to have any lead paint you’re regularly in contact with safely and professionally removed. Here’s what… Read more »

Why Every Business Should Prioritize Lead Testing

Selective focus on the blistered surface of cement wall. Swollen color wall from the moisture with blurred trowel in foreground

Lead exposure poses significant health risks, making lead testing an essential priority for businesses. Regardless of your industry, lead can be present in various forms, such as paint, soil, water, or industrial processes. Prioritizing lead testing helps protect the health of your employees, customers, and the surrounding environment. Understanding Lead Exposure Lead is a toxic… Read more »

What Is Non-Destructive XRF Testing?

man using xrf gun on lead paint

Lead-based paint is found in many homes across Kansas City. But how do you know if you have lead-based paint in your home? The best way of finding it is to hire a company like Axiom Service Professionals to perform lead-based paint testing. We accomplish this using non-destructive XRF testing. But what exactly does that… Read more »

Understanding the Lead and Copper Rule

glass of water on table in sunlight

When we take a drink of water, we assume that water is clean and free of contaminants. In many cases, this is true. However, in too many areas across America, our water is polluted with lead and copper. To help reduce the levels of lead and copper in our drinking water, the EPA created the… Read more »

Understanding the Lead Disclosure Rule

outside wall of home with lead-based paint

In 1978, the federal government outlawed the use of lead-based paint. However, many of the homes and apartment complexes we live in still contain lead-paint. Why? Because they were built prior to 1978. While landlords and property owners are lot legally obligated to remove lead paint, they are required to notify residents or potential residents… Read more »

How to Identify Lead Paint

How to Identify Lead Paint

Soft, malleable, and toxic to humans, lead is a material that should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, many homes and buildings throughout the U.S. and here in Kansas City contain lead. How? Through lead paint. Widely used for over a century, lead paint was only banned in 1978. This means that a home or office… Read more »