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The Impact of Poor Ventilation on Employee Productivity

Ceiling air conditioner on the top for office use in the hospital

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to maximize your employees’ productivity. However, did you know that poor ventilation can hurt the productivity of your workforce? As it turns out, the quality of air in your office can significantly affect your employees’ performance and overall well-being. Here’s how: The Detrimental Effects of Poor… Read more »

What Is a Building Dry-Out?

High water Damage flooded

When your building sustains significant water damage, you’ll need to properly dry your building out before you can make repairs. A building dry-out is the process responsible for drying out your building. It sounds simple enough, but there are in fact several steps and details you have to make sure of to ensure your building… Read more »

How to Improve Your Air Quality in the Winter

When it comes to air quality, many people recommend opening your doors and windows to increase ventilation and let fresh air inside. But what can you do in the winter, when the frigid cold forces you to keep your windows and doors shut? Thankfully, there are still ways to improve air quality in the winter… Read more »

How to Improve Indoor Air Ventilation

Industrial steel tubes,ventilation pipe

Good ventilation is one of the best ways to prevent mold. But how do you go about improving indoor air ventilation? Below, we provide some tips to help. Bring in as much fresh air as possible Fresh, outdoor air can do wonders for your home or business. So, when possible, open up multiple windows and… Read more »

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

woman meditating in room with air purifier

Whether it’s at home or at work, we spend most of our time indoors. However, our indoor environments can be filled with pollutants. Mold, smoke, paint fumes, and pet dander are just some of the many indoor air pollutants we face on a daily basis. Overexposure to these pollutants can harm our health, especially for… Read more »