Month: April 2024

Signs Asbestos Could be an Issue at Your Property

"Asbestos" written in block letters above a degrading metal roof

There was a time when Asbestos was a popular building material admired for its fire resistance and insulation properties. However, its health risks have since become well-known, leading to strict regulations on its use and removal. If you own an older building, there’s a chance it harbors some asbestos. If that’s the case, it’s best… Read more »

Debunking Common Myths About Lead Paint

A door with lead paint peeling off of it

If you want to create a safe work environment in an older commercial building, understanding the risks associated with lead paint is crucial. Despite lead-based paint use was banned in residential homes in the United States in 1978, lead-based paint continues to be a significant health hazard in many older buildings. Unfortunately, there are still… Read more »