Debunking Common Myths About Lead Paint

A door with lead paint peeling off of it

If you want to create a safe work environment in an older commercial building, understanding the risks associated with lead paint is crucial. Despite lead-based paint use was banned in residential homes in the United States in 1978, lead-based paint continues to be a significant health hazard in many older buildings. Unfortunately, there are still… Read more »

Why Spring is the Time to Start Thinking About Mold

Close up of mold

As the snow melts and the world begins to thaw, spring brings with it a sense of renewal and growth. But it’s not just flowers and foliage that thrive in the warming weather—mold does too. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how the changing seasons can affect indoor air quality and why spring is… Read more »

The Negative Impact Mold Exposure Can Have on Your Health

Mold on a wall

Discovering mold in your home or workplace can be more than just an unsightly inconvenience; it can pose serious health risks. Mold can thrive in damp, poorly ventilated areas, and its spores can easily become airborne, leading to a variety of health issues for those exposed. That’s why we’re going to highlight the potential dangers… Read more »

Is Your Building in Need of an Asbestos Inspection?

bilingual asbestos warning signs on plastic covering a front door

When it comes to the safety and health of your building’s environment, you can never be too careful. That’s why understanding the risks associated with asbestos is crucial. The best way to keep everyone safe is to know the signs that your building may need an asbestos inspection. Here’s why this is important and how… Read more »

Health Issues Associated with Lead Paint

Paint peeling off of a wall

You likely know by now that lead paint has certain negative connotations. But do you know exactly the danger this decades-old paint still poses today? The health issues associated with lead paint are quite serious and are reason enough to have any lead paint you’re regularly in contact with safely and professionally removed. Here’s what… Read more »

Understanding the Importance of Mold Testing in Your Kansas City Business

balcony with concrete damage

Mold, a common issue in many buildings, poses a significant threat to businesses in Kansas City. Often invisible to the naked eye, mold can lurk in damp areas, causing not only property damage but also health risks to employees and customers. Understanding the importance of mold testing is crucial for any business owner who wants… Read more »

End-of-Year Industrial Hygiene Assessments: Setting Goals for 2024

Register with earphones and helmet in closeup

As the year draws to a close, it’s an opportune time for businesses to reflect on their industrial hygiene practices and set goals for the upcoming year. Industrial hygiene is not only about compliance but also about creating a safe and healthy environment for your employees. Here’s why end-of-year industrial hygiene assessments are crucial and… Read more »

Cold Weather Mold Prevention: Keeping Your Business Mold-Free

Mold around the plastic window due to high moisture

As the temperature drops and winter approaches, businesses face a unique set of challenges, one of which is the increased risk of mold growth. Mold thrives in damp and humid conditions, making cold weather a prime time for it to take hold in various parts of your workplace. Preventing mold growth is not only crucial… Read more »

Seasonal Shifts: Adapting Your Industrial Hygiene Strategy for Fall Challenges

Modern office. Empty workplace with white laptop camera, coffee cup and other items. Big window with cityscape on background

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, it’s essential for businesses to adapt their industrial hygiene strategies to the new challenges that fall brings. The shifting weather and environmental conditions can introduce unique health and safety concerns for employees and customers. Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment requires proactive measures tailored… Read more »

Why Respiratory Protection Matters for Businesses

man wearing mask staring out office widnow

In many industries, employees are exposed to hazardous airborne substances that can pose serious health risks. As a responsible business owner, it is crucial to prioritize respiratory protection measures to safeguard the well-being of your workforce. Implementing effective respiratory protection not only protects employees’ health but also promotes productivity and compliance with safety regulations. Understanding… Read more »