Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation: What’s the Difference?

worker spraying for mold

When there’s mold in your home or business, you have two options in front of you: mold removal and mold remediation. But what’s the difference between the two? And which is the better option? Read on to learn more. Mold Removal Mold removal is just as it sounds—it’s when you physically remove the mold in… Read more »

What Is Asbestos Insulation?

workers investigating home for asbestos insulation

One of the biggest sources of asbestos in homes and businesses is the insulation. Throughout the 20th century, companies used asbestos insulation for homes and businesses due to its effectiveness at keeping buildings well-insulated. While companies stopped installing asbestos insulation once its cancer-causing properties were discovered, it is still found in many buildings today. In… Read more »

The Most Common Questions About Mold in the Winter

mold and fungus on the misted plastic window

Mold season typically lasts from spring till fall. However, this does not mean that mold will magically disappear from your home or business during the winter months. Mold can still be a problem in the winter, and being aware of how it may grow during the colder seasons can help you prevent it. Below, we’ve… Read more »

When Are Radon Levels the Highest?

Radon levels fluctuate during the day, but they also fluctuate during the year. In general, radon levels are highest during the cold, winter months. But why is this the case? Radon is affected by weather changes, precipitation, and atmospheric pressure. Let’s dig into these three factors below: Weather changes Changes in the weather can have… Read more »

How to Improve Your Air Quality in the Winter

When it comes to air quality, many people recommend opening your doors and windows to increase ventilation and let fresh air inside. But what can you do in the winter, when the frigid cold forces you to keep your windows and doors shut? Thankfully, there are still ways to improve air quality in the winter… Read more »

How to Improve Indoor Air Ventilation

Industrial steel tubes,ventilation pipe

Good ventilation is one of the best ways to prevent mold. But how do you go about improving indoor air ventilation? Below, we provide some tips to help. Bring in as much fresh air as possible Fresh, outdoor air can do wonders for your home or business. So, when possible, open up multiple windows and… Read more »

What Is Non-Destructive XRF Testing?

man using xrf gun on lead paint

Lead-based paint is found in many homes across Kansas City. But how do you know if you have lead-based paint in your home? The best way of finding it is to hire a company like Axiom Service Professionals to perform lead-based paint testing. We accomplish this using non-destructive XRF testing. But what exactly does that… Read more »

Understanding the Asbestos National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP)

bilingual asbestos warning signs on plastic covering a front door

Asbestos can cause a whole host of health problems including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and more. As such, the government has taken steps over the past decades to reduce asbestos exposure. One of these steps is the Asbestos NESHAP. What is the Asbestos NESHAP? The Asbestos NESHAP stands for National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants…. Read more »

The Health Effects of Radon

Radon Rn chemical element. 3D rendering

Radon is a nearly undetectable, radioactive gas. It is colorless and odorless, meaning it’s difficult for humans to detect on their own. That’s why we perform radon tests to determine how much radon is in your home. While a little radon is normal, excessive amounts can become dangerous. Here, we discuss the health effects people… Read more »